Welcome to Lifepointe Church’s branding resource page! (We hope you enjoy your stay) Here you will find all the resources that you need to accurately represent Lifepointe Church’s brand. Below you will find all the resources the creative team has made from all of our different ministries.

To quickly access a specific ministry simply click the button below. Additionally if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email us at

Lifepointe Church Brand Guide

Do you have existential questions about who you are or what you’re doing here? Well, this isn’t going to answer any of those questions. BUT it will help you understand Lifepointe Church’s brand and how to best represent us.

Quick Copy Guide

Sometimes you just need the details. This guide was designed to be a quick reference resource for all your branding questions. Colors, logos, and how we write dates — it’s all in there. Download it and take a look