Current Series: Prayer

As part of our current series: prayer, Devoted22 journey, we’ll learn how prayer can bring revival in ourselves, our families, our cities, and our world.

Excerpt from our current series:

“Well hey thanks for watching this video when we’re in a season at Life Pointe called Devoted 22.  I hope if you’ve been a part of that journey you’ve grown from it and you learned from it. This Fall we’re focusing specifically on prayer and devotion. To communicate God with in a way where we experience Revival. Over the next twenty one days I invite you on a short journey with us.  A three week journey through prayer and fasting.

You know most of us know exactly what praying is. We communicate with God and see the results from that.  Fasting might be something you have never considered before or never done before.  Well, through out history followers of God have denied themselves one thing to focus more on some thing else namely their relationship with God.”

Devoted22 is a year-long journey designed to gain a deeper devotion to Christ.  To follow along our journey, see the Devoted 22 website.  Here you can see how we strive to help others with a deeper devotion to Christ, His church, and its mission.