Joel Close

My wife, Erika, and I moved to Raleigh from Michigan in 2006 with our three daughters, Lydia, Sophia, and Eleanor. When we moved here Lifepointe had just one location meeting in a movie theater. I came to be the worship (music) pastor and served in that capacity for 9 years. I loved it and as Lifepointe grew, I really had no reason to do anything else. But things change. When we follow Christ, we follow a God who is alive. And things that are alive don’t stay still. And when we follow a living God, things come alive in us. A new passion for helping people, hearing their hurts and struggles, and giving words of hope grew in me. I allowed myself to be open to where He was leading me, much like I did when we moved here. I am thankful for this opportunity to be the site pastor for Lifepointe Wake Forest, and now that my family lives in Wake Forest, we know without a doubt this is the fulfillment of that change He was making inside of us.