Dorcas Ministries

Dorcas Ministries provides compassionate assistance to area residents to empower people to become stable and self-sufficient. Learn more about how you can serve by visiting their website.

In June of 1968, a small group of Christians were brought together by Margaret Keller.  They met together to address a common concern.  This concern was how to best serve our neighbors in need.  From different races and denominations, but united in Christ, they agreed to work together.  Then under His guidance to they could help meet some of the needs of the Cary and Morrisville community.  With backing from local churches, Dorcas Ministries was formed as “Christian Community in Action”. Dorcas Ministries has always, and continues to, strive to find solutions to the increasing and different needs of the community, hoping to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Dorcas Ministries began with a commitment to education.  Through the Laubach literacy course and enrichment preschool programs for low income families, DM succeeded.  In the early days of the preschool program, 60 volunteers came together to help teach classes, provide meals or transportation. As the community grew, the dream of a thrift store, the first one in Cary, grew to become the Dorcas Thrift Shop, opening in 1972.  Accordingly named for Tabitha, a woman of compassion in the Bible (Acts 9:26-43), the store was a place where families and individuals could shop with dignity for clothing and household items.

For more information please see the Dorcas Ministries website.