Lifepointe Community Garden

What is Lifepointe Community Garden?

An organic community garden dedicated to helping those in need by donating a majority of the food we grow to a local food bank.

Ways to get involved: 

  • Become a plot owner
  • Saturday Harvest
  • Help maintain the garden
  • Help with the chickens
  • Assist in construction projects

Do you have to attend Lifepointe Church to be involved?

  • No, we welcome anyone from the community.

What is a plot owner?

  • Individuals or families who lease a plot for one year and agree to donate a portion of their harvest.

What if I’ve never gardened before?

  • This is the place for you! Gardeners of all experience are here to learn and “grow” with you.

If you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions, please contact us at