YTH Summer 2023

Summer with Lifepointe YTH

We’re all about growing deeper as we encounter God, grow in community, and lead the change. During the summer we take a break from our regular programming – check out ways you can grow deeper this summer.

Summer Kickoff

We’ll kickoff the summer by presenting our theme: Growing Deeper. Usually summer is the time when people stop coming to church, stop spending time with Jesus, and stop all the work they’ve done to invest in their faith. But what if this was the summer where we planted new seeds of faith? What if we took time to foster a relationship with Jesus with strong roots?

Parents – we need you! We want to go into the summer with parents understanding what Lifepointe YTH is all about and know what their child experiences every week. Parents are invited to attend Summer Kick Off! Discover how we can build a bridge between the church and your home.

NR High School

9500 Durant Rd
June 11, 6-8pm

NR Middle School

9500 Durant Rd
June 14, 6-8pm

Cary YTH 

590 Westhigh St
June 11, 6-8pm

Weekly Rhythms

NR High School: Thursdays
NR Middle School: Wednesdays 6-7:30pm
Cary YTH: Thursdays

NR High School: Tuesdays
NR Middle School: Wednesdays 6-7:30pm
Cary YTH: Tuesdays

Big Events

mission trip

We believe that every student has a mission. Living on mission doesn’t have to mean selling everything and moving to a different country. We partner with Port City Project & Vigilant Hope in Wilmington to provide a service experience for high school students that will empower, encourage, and equip them to live on mission in the hallways of their schools, on their college campuses, and in their workplaces.

Date: June 25 – July 1
Location: Wilmington, NC
Who? Rising 10th – Graduated Seniors

We want every student to be a part of a community that points them to Jesus. The 2nd annual YTH Conference is coming your way to ensure your student has a community before the school year.  This overnight event leverages powerful teaching, intentional small group experiences, consistent leaders & lots of fun with the ultimate purpose of establishing a firm foundation in a students life: A life built on Jesus.

Date: August 4 – 6
Location: Raleigh, NC
Who? Rising 6th – Graduated Seniors

Parents: We want you to be a part of YTH Summer!

Summer Kick Off: You are invited to our Summer Kick Off to see what we have planned this summer, and to see how you can join in on the fun!

Conference: The new addition to Conference this year is host homes. We believe community has a better chance to grow when it’s around a table. Groups will spend the night at these host homes, eat breakfast, study God’s word together and enjoy lots of laughter with one another! We’re praying for God to show up in big ways this Summer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your student to belong to a strong community.

North Raleigh YTH

Cary YTH